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4 Ways Anger is Bad for You

Anger is a normal emotion that serves a valuable purpose. It indicates there’s something wrong that you need to fix. Unfortunately, most people have an unhealthy relationship to anger. Most of us learn from the time we’re children we can’t just throw a tantrum every time something doesn’t go our way. That usually means weRead More

A Lesser Known Danger of Alcohol: Cancer

Most people know about the negative effects of alcohol. In the short term, it impairs your judgment, self-control, coordination, speech, and memory, which can lead to problems ranging from minor embarrassment to fatal car crashes. In the long term, alcohol can cause liver disease, cardiovascular disease, obesity, heart failure, and brain damage. There’s one majorRead More

3 Reasons to Try Running in Recovery

Part of recovery is adopting a healthier lifestyle that includes better relationships, healthy eating, plenty of sleep, and regular exercise. The best exercise is the exercise you enjoy and will do regularly. If there’s nothing in particular you like, there are some good reasons to give running a try. First, it’s  very easy to getRead More

Addiction and the Central Nervous System

Addictive drugs mostly affect the central nervous system, which includes your brain and spinal cord. They typically work by changing the way neurons interact with neurotransmitters, which are the chemical messengers that tell neurons what to do. Most of the effects drugs have on the body have to do with changing the function of neurotransmitters.Read More

Meditation Can Help With Pain

One challenge people face in detox, especially detox from opioids, is pain. In addition to the irritability, nausea, and insomnia common for any kind of withdrawal, opioid withdrawal often includes bone, muscle, and joint pain as well. Your body is so used to feeling no pain at all that even normal sensations are painful. What’sRead More

Addiction and Depression

Addiction and depression are highly correlated. Studies variously show that of people struggling with alcohol addiction, between one fifth and one third of them also struggle with depression. People seeking treatment for alcohol abuse are about 40 percent more likely than the general population to have a mood disorder. According to the National Bureau ofRead More

How Nature Heals

When you’re in recovery, one of the best things you can do for yourself is spend time in nature. Taking a walk in nature has been repeatedly proven to reduce stress and help people feel calmer. It has been shown to improve many health conditions from diabetes to high blood pressure. Taking a hike onceRead More

4 Ways Life Will be Better in Recovery

Detox and treatment for addiction can seem daunting. Detox can be painful and treatment requires courage. Recovery requires a daily commitment. Why go to all this effort? What’s the payoff? You may be considering treatment because addiction has made you and your family suffer and you don’t want things to get worse. Don’t forget thatRead More

Pleasure vs. Happiness

Most people conflate pleasure and happiness. Or people assume that happiness means experiencing frequent, or even perpetual pleasure. In reality, happiness and pleasure are different and, in some ways, antagonistic. Broadly speaking, pleasure is immediate and passive. Anyone who can buy the ticket can enjoy the ride. You don’t really have to contribute anything toRead More

Do I Need To Provide Meals During Residential Treatment?

One of the most often overlooked issues with addiction is a poor diet.  Even those without addiction pay their diet little to no attention unless they are told by a doctor that they are at risk for diabetes, heart disease, or other ailments.  Many people with substance abuse issues will find themselves relying on theirRead More