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What Symptoms Can I Expect with Heroin Withdrawal?

Heroin withdrawal is not the same for everyone. The longer you have used heroin and the higher the doses, the worse withdrawal is likely to be. If your body has had a long time to adjust to the presence of heroin in your system, the sudden absence will cause more turmoil than if you hadRead More

How Soon After I Stop Using Do I Need to go to Detox?

You should go to detox as soon as possible after you decide to stop using. In fact, you haven’t actually stopped using until you have been through withdrawal. If you haven’t been through withdrawal, you haven’t quit; you’re just between uses. If you have been through withdrawal, meaning the withdrawal symptoms of your drug haveRead More

Discerning a Detox Emergency from a Detox Challenge

You are going to face some challenges while detoxing, especially if you are detoxing at home. You will likely feel anxious and uncomfortable. You might feel very sick, like you have the flu. You will have strong cravings and your brain will invent compelling reasons why you need to quit detox and try again later.Read More

5 Signs You Need to Go Through Medical Detox

Alcohol is a socially accepted drug and someone who has a few drinks a week usually doesn’t consider herself–and indeed is probably not–an alcoholic. It can be difficult to judge at what point drinking becomes a problem. If you are worried that your drinking is a problem, or may become a problem, it’s probably timeRead More