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Detox Will Help You Stay Sober

Detox will help you get sober, which is the first step in staying sober. Withdrawal symptoms can be painful or even dangerous and they often drive people to relapse even before recovery has really started. Detox will get you through the difficult initial stage in which your body is getting rid of the drug. ThisRead More

Be Sensitive to your Senses in Early Sobriety

Perhaps the most important part of recovery is figuring out what your triggers are and how to deal with them. A trigger can be almost anything–a place, such as a favorite bar, certain people you used to get high with, or any situation that causes you stress or anxiety. Sensory triggers can be very strong,Read More

When I’m Sober, What Will I Do for Fun?

Many addicts fear that sobriety means never having fun again. For a long time, fun was associated with drugs and alcohol. In detox and treatment, you may feel depressed while your brain adjusts to the absence of the chemicals you depend on. Even when you start to feel somewhat normal again, you may remember theRead More