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5 Signs You Need to Go Through Medical Detox

Alcohol is a socially accepted drug and someone who has a few drinks a week usually doesn’t consider herself–and indeed is probably not–an alcoholic. It can be difficult to judge at what point drinking becomes a problem. If you are worried that your drinking is a problem, or may become a problem, it’s probably timeRead More

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Medical Detox?

Medical detox–detox in a medical facility–has several clear benefits. First and foremost, medical professionals are on hand to manage the most dangerous symptoms of withdrawal. When withdrawal is severe enough, the symptoms can be life threatening. Seizures from alcohol withdrawal, for example, can be fatal and medical professionals can administer anti-seizure medication to reduce theRead More

What Are My Options For Medical Detox?

You may have made the decision to seek help for your drug or alcohol addiction. Congratulations! Treatment is  a decision that has the power to change your life forever for the better, as well of the lives of those you love. It’s a decision to end your suffering, and instead begin living a life that’sRead More