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Meditation Can Help With Pain

One challenge people face in detox, especially detox from opioids, is pain. In addition to the irritability, nausea, and insomnia common for any kind of withdrawal, opioid withdrawal often includes bone, muscle, and joint pain as well. Your body is so used to feeling no pain at all that even normal sensations are painful. What’sRead More

Which Holistic Therapies Help Relieve Detox Symptoms?

Some detox centers offer a range of holistic therapies. Normal medical care at a detox center usually includes IV fluids and vitamins, medication to treat withdrawal symptoms, counselling, and rest. Holistic therapies include anything beyond the normal medical care, and particularly anything intended to treat the whole person and not just withdrawal symptoms. This mightRead More

5 Ways Massage Therapy Supports Detox

The meat and potatoes of detox includes medication, counselling, rest, and patience. Your body has to make big adjustments in a short time. Massage therapy is a complementary therapy that may help make detox more comfortable and speed your recovery. Massage therapy is often lumped with alternative therapies whose benefits are hard to prove, butRead More