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What Drugs Are Found In Heroin?

Heroin is made from the poppy plant. It is basically highly refined opium, hence “opioid.” It takes about 10 kilos of opium to make one kilo of heroin. Most heroin is not pure. The purity can vary widely depending on the available supply, the area of the country, and the specific dealer. The more linksRead More

Are Prescription Painkillers a Form of Heroin?

Prescription opioid painkillers and heroin are both derived from the poppy plant and they are chemically very similar. They have similar effects on the brain, although when taken as directed, the effect of prescription painkillers is much less intense. Prescription painkillers, when used properly and for a limited time are a relatively safe way toRead More

What Symptoms Can I Expect with Heroin Withdrawal?

Heroin withdrawal is not the same for everyone. The longer you have used heroin and the higher the doses, the worse withdrawal is likely to be. If your body has had a long time to adjust to the presence of heroin in your system, the sudden absence will cause more turmoil than if you hadRead More

Signs of Heroin Experimentation

Experimentation with heroin, more than any other drug, can quickly spiral into a serious addiction. Heroin is so potent that a few uses can cause physical dependence. If someone you know is experimenting with heroin, there will be some obvious signs. Physical signs: There are many possible physical signs of heroin use. Perhaps the mostRead More

Why are Men More Likely to Die from a Heroin Overdose?

According to the National Institutes of Health, men are about five times more likely than women to die of a heroin overdose. Deaths from heroin overdose have increased exponentially in recent years for both men and women, but the ratio has remained about the same. Why do so many more men die of heroin overdose?Read More