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How is Addiction Related to Eating Disorders?

There is a large overlap between addiction and eating disorders. About half of people with eating disorders abuse drugs or alcohol and about a third of people who abuse drugs and alcohol have eating disorders. The reasons for this overlap are still subject to speculation and it has only been recently experts in the fieldsRead More

Athletes and Addiction

Athletes may not be the first group of people you think of as having problems with addiction, but they often face unique challenges that can lead to substance abuse and dependence. When most people think of athletes and drugs, the first thing that comes to mind is performance enhancing drugs, or PEDs, like steroids orRead More

What Jobs Have the Most Addiction?

There are some jobs that have higher rates of drug and alcohol abuse and addiction than the general population. There are several factors that contribute to these higher rates. What most of these jobs have in common are erratic hours, high stress, unpredictable pay, and a lot of travel or working away from home. OftenRead More

Foods that Destroy Your Mood

When you’re in recovery, managing your mood is important because depression, anxiety, and anger can put you on the road to relapse. What you eat affects how you feel. Eating a healthy diet of whole foods, especially whole grains, dark leafy greens, nuts, beans, and a variety of fruits and vegetables ensures your body willRead More

The Benefits of Laughter in Recovery

With all the serious business of recovery, it’s important to look for the humor. Treatment starts with detox, which can range from unpleasant to awful. Then you have to confront difficult emotions in therapy and hear tragic stories in meetings. All this is necessary for healing, but it also gets a bit heavy. Looking forRead More

Foods Proven to Improve Mood

Managing your mood is an important part of recovery. Depression and anxiety are common triggers of relapse. Keeping yourself in a healthy state of mind is a matter of forming good habits including rational thinking, a healthy routine, and a good diet. There are some foods you can include in your diet to help keepRead More

How Do Drugs and Alcohol Affect the Immune System?

Drug and alcohol addiction harm the body in many ways. Typically, this damage is pretty direct, such as the damage alcohol does to the liver or the damage cocaine does to the heart. Addictions can also directly and indirectly compromise the immune system, leading to increased risk of illness and infection. This can happen inRead More

Exercise is Essential for a Good Mood

An important part of recovery is learning to manage your mood. Everyone has ups and downs. That’s normal. The danger comes when you start feeling overwhelmed, hopeless, or depressed. There are many aspects to managing your mood. In therapy you will learn about how your thoughts affect your mood and you will discover what specificallyRead More

Drug Use And HIV/AIDS

In 1980, the AIDS epidemic was publicized by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), noting that it was becoming a national crisis.  AIDS is still a global issue, with nearly 37 million infected people living throughout the world in 2016.  There have been many attempts to halt the spread of HIV overRead More

What is Alcoholic Ketoacidosis?

Many severe health complications can arise from long-term alcoholism.  The body can become highly dependent on alcohol over time and require it to function normally.  Several organs may begin to develop issues in response from overuse of alcohol, and an individual can become very ill.  Most people know a person suffering from chronic alcoholism canRead More