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Depressant vs. Stimulant Addiction

Depressants and stimulants are basically opposites. Stimulants wind you up and depressants calm you down. People who feel lethargic or fatigued tend to want stimulants to pick them up. People who feel stressed or anxious tend to want depressants to calm them down. These are broad generalizations but more or less true. Common stimulants areRead More

Alcoholism in History

People have consumed alcohol through most of human history, perhaps all of human history, as animals are sometimes observed intentionally eating fermented fruit. Despite this long history, alcoholism seems to be relatively new. While there have probably been alcoholics at least since the beginning of agriculture, alcoholism has only becoming a widespread problem in recentRead More

How Do You Teach Kids About Drug Addiction?

What you tell kids about drug addiction depends on how old they are and what they are able to understand. Even kids as young as five are capable of some kind of understanding. They have likely had some experience when they knew they weren’t supposed to do something but couldn’t resist doing it anyway. ThisRead More