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How Do You Teach Kids About Drug Addiction?

What you tell kids about drug addiction depends on how old they are and what they are able to understand. Even kids as young as five are capable of some kind of understanding. They have likely had some experience when they knew they weren’t supposed to do something but couldn’t resist doing it anyway. ThisRead More

Which Over The Counter Drugs Are Addictive?

Over-the-counter medications, or OTCs, are not typically as potent as prescription and illicit drugs but they are much easier to get–you can buy them without a prescription at any pharmacy or grocery store–and they can be harmful when abused. Abuse is generally considered any use other than the intended purpose and recommended dosage. OTCs areRead More

Will I Learn To Like Sobriety?

One of the biggest fears someone might have about getting clean and sober is what life will be like without the use of drugs and alcohol.  For so long, the addict has experienced their life behind a substance lens.  Therefore, the thought of living without that substance can be terrifying.  Many wonder what they willRead More