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Risks of Prolonged Alcohol Abuse

Most people know about two of the biggest risks of prolonged alcohol abuse– liver disease and car accidents. A liver that has to constantly filter alcohol will not stay healthy for long and everyone knows alcohol impairs one’s ability to drive. Some people decide to drive anyway because alcohol also impairs their ability to judgeRead More

Is Addiction a Disease?

The idea that addiction is a disease was first made popular by Alcoholics Anonymous. In 1956 the American Medical Association declared alcoholism a disease and the notion has been broadly accepted in the decades since. Thinking of addiction as a disease has several advantages. The first is that it reduced judgment of people struggling withRead More

10 Signs You May Have A Drinking Problem

There are several different signs that point towards a drinking problem. Many of these signs can be obvious, but others may be harder to notice. The level of alcohol abuse can affect how a person shows the warning signs. Some individuals will go to great lengths to conceal their problem with alcohol, while others willRead More