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Detox Will Help You Stay Sober

Detox will help you get sober, which is the first step in staying sober. Withdrawal symptoms can be painful or even dangerous and they often drive people to relapse even before recovery has really started. Detox will get you through the difficult initial stage in which your body is getting rid of the drug. ThisRead More

Will My Detox Center Offer Other Forms of Treatment?

Much of the treatment you receive in a detox center will be standard medical treatment. You give a medical history when you are admitted. You get get IV fluids and vitamins to stabilize you. You get prescription medications to treat your anxiety and other withdrawal symptoms. You will talk to a therapist. All of theseRead More

Why is Relaxation an Important Part of Detox?

Detox is a challenging time. Your body and brain have to quickly adjust to the absence of chemicals that have been present for years. Depending on the severity of your addiction, you may have a lot of physical healing to do. Different drugs can damage your body in different ways. Detox is the beginning ofRead More

Natural Assisted Detox

Natural Assisted Detox, or Nutritionally Assisted Detox, NAD, is an approach to detox that minimizes use of medications, such as benzos, to treat withdrawal symptoms. Instead, NAD uses a mix of vitamins and amino acids to minimize withdrawal and cravings. These vitamins are first administered daily by IV, then later at longer intervals and byRead More

Why Can’t I Sleep Normally During Detox?

Insomnia is a common withdrawal symptom during detox. In the later stages of recovery, insomnia is common for all drugs, for a variety of reasons, but during detox, insomnia is more common in withdrawal from opioids and alcohol. The mechanism is slightly different for each, but basically, these drugs make you sleepy and your bodyRead More

What to do While Your Loved One is in Detox

Getting your addicted loved one into detox is a big win for both of you. It means she has admitted her problem and wants to get better. There is still a long way to go for both of you, but if you have been shouldering the burden of her addiction for years, then helping herRead More

Which Holistic Therapies Help Relieve Detox Symptoms?

Some detox centers offer a range of holistic therapies. Normal medical care at a detox center usually includes IV fluids and vitamins, medication to treat withdrawal symptoms, counselling, and rest. Holistic therapies include anything beyond the normal medical care, and particularly anything intended to treat the whole person and not just withdrawal symptoms. This mightRead More

This Can Be Your Last Time in Detox

Detox is not fun. You will likely experience anxiety, nausea, sweating, shaking, and cravings. Or it could be worse. You might have bad withdrawal, which could include fever, confusion, diarrhea, vomiting, seizures, or hallucinations. You may lie in bed totally miserable and think that if you could just use again, all this would stop. It’sRead More

Other Forms of Addiction Still Have Withdrawal Symptoms

Not every addiction is chemical. People can be addicted to gambling, food, sex, and porn. Internet porn in particular has become a big problem in recent years as it has made porn free and essentially unlimited. Just because these addictions aren’t chemical doesn’t mean they aren’t real. They often are basic biological needs that haveRead More

What are the Best Ways to Stay Busy During Detox?

Detox, to some extent, is just waiting. Having the proper care will make detox as short as possible, but your body still needs time to get the drugs out of your system. This usually takes about a week. During that week, you want to stay as busy. For one thing, staying busy helps keep yourRead More