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Risks of Prolonged Alcohol Abuse

Most people know about two of the biggest risks of prolonged alcohol abuse– liver disease and car accidents. A liver that has to constantly filter alcohol will not stay healthy for long and everyone knows alcohol impairs one’s ability to drive. Some people decide to drive anyway because alcohol also impairs their ability to judgeRead More

Are You Missing Conversations About Detox Due To Slang?

Addiction is another world which comes with it’s own dictionary of vocabulary. You might be missing critical clues that your loved one is addicted. In addition to physical and behavioral signs of addiction, one of the best places to identify substance abuse is in the way your loved one talks. If they are hiding theirRead More

Which Over The Counter Drugs Are Addictive?

Over-the-counter medications, or OTCs, are not typically as potent as prescription and illicit drugs but they are much easier to get–you can buy them without a prescription at any pharmacy or grocery store–and they can be harmful when abused. Abuse is generally considered any use other than the intended purpose and recommended dosage. OTCs areRead More

Will I Learn To Like Sobriety?

One of the biggest fears someone might have about getting clean and sober is what life will be like without the use of drugs and alcohol.  For so long, the addict has experienced their life behind a substance lens.  Therefore, the thought of living without that substance can be terrifying.  Many wonder what they willRead More

10 Signs You May Have A Drinking Problem

There are several different signs that point towards a drinking problem. Many of these signs can be obvious, but others may be harder to notice. The level of alcohol abuse can affect how a person shows the warning signs. Some individuals will go to great lengths to conceal their problem with alcohol, while others willRead More