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Adderall Addiction Can Be Brutal

Adderall is often considered the drug of choice for overachievers. Adderall is a long-acting amphetamine often prescribed to alleviate the impulsive behavior and short attention span caused by ADHD. Many students without ADHD abuse Adderall because they feel pressure to excel in school, even if it means studying, working on projects, and doing extracurricular activitiesRead More

Does Adderall Addiction Lead to Other Drugs?

Lately, prescription opioid painkillers have gotten a lot of attention, and with good reason. Opioid painkillers are addictive and addiction to painkillers often leads to an addiction to heroin. A less discussed but more frequently abused prescription drug is Adderall. Adderall is sometimes prescribed for sleep disorders like narcolepsy, but is most commonly prescribed–and, manyRead More

Does Adderall Improve Academic Performance?

Adderall is a long-acting amphetamine most often prescribed for ADHD. When used as prescribed, it can improve the focus of attention deficient, hyperactive people. Unfortunately, many people who take Adderall don’t need it but they take it for a boost in performance at school or work. Does Adderall improve academic performance? The short answer is,Read More