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7 Ways to Have Sober Fun this Summer

When the weather gets hot, a cold beer might seem pretty tempting, especially if you like grilling out or going to the beach. If you’re in recovery, it’s a good idea to find some ways to keep busy that won’t tempt you to drink. Here are a few suggestions for having fun in the hotRead More

How Do You Make Progress Without Making Comparisons?

Comparing yourself to others is a good way to sabotage your recovery. You may begin to resent others for doing well, when you should be happy for them. You may feel depressed or discouraged if you feel like you aren’t doing as well as everyone else. These comparisons are rarely meaningful anyway. No one hasRead More

4 Goals for Addiction Recovery

Setting goals is an important part of recovery. Everyone knows she should do certain things–avoid bad influences, go to meetings, get plenty of sleep and exercise, and so on. In reality, making substantive changes is hard. It’s easy to put off some things and let others fall through the cracks. Making specific goals and trackingRead More

How to Keep Yourself Accountable in Addiction Recovery

Accountability is important in recovery. If addiction has taught you anything, it’s that willpower alone doesn’t count for much. Willpower helps, to be sure, but it’s more of a stopgap than a long-term plan. Having a plan for recovery entails having some form of accountability. Ideally, you will have several levels of accountability, just toRead More

Why Acceptance is Important for Recovery

Acceptance is one of the most important skills to learn in recovery. Acceptance is the opposite of denial. Denial is refusing to acknowledge reality. No one refuses to accept good things. No one goes into denial over finding a parking space by the door or discovering her crush likes her too. Denial is for allRead More

Eat These Foods to Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation is being linked to more and more conditions. Conditions of particular interest to people in recovery include depression, heart disease, arthritis, and chronic pain. Inflammation is basically what happens when your body believes it’s under threat from a virus or bacteria. The immune system releases antibodies to attack the invader. The problem is, thereRead More

Are We Getting Lonelier?

Loneliness has been shown to have serious implications for your quality of life. Humans are interdependent and everyone needs some kind of human contact. Being isolated is not only distressing, but it means you have fewer resources to deal with problems, fewer people who can help you out when things go wrong. Loneliness has alsoRead More

How to Get Past Perfectionism in Recovery

Perfectionism can make recovery even harder. A perfectionist may be reluctant to ask for help at all. When she does, she may have trouble taking advice from others. She may have difficulty persevering in the face of setbacks, especially big setbacks like relapses. Perhaps the biggest challenge is finding the humility to try, fail, andRead More

What is the Pink Cloud?

People have many different experiences of recovery. Some people feel off for months–unable to focus or feel pleasure, emotionally numb. Some people feel pretty good except for the cravings. Some people feel really good. They feel like they were granted a reprieve at the last minute. They wake up without a hangover. They feel likeRead More

What Can I Do for a Cold if I’m in Recovery?

Colds are miserable, and if you’re in recovery, it’s the last thing you need. You might have been doing pretty well, staying on track, then suddenly your nose is running, your throat hurts, and you’re making alarming noises when you cough. What can you do? The bad news is that you should avoid cold medicine.Read More