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How Do You Make Progress Without Making Comparisons?

Comparing yourself to others is a good way to sabotage your recovery. You may begin to resent others for doing well, when you should be happy for them. You may feel depressed or discouraged if you feel like you aren’t doing as well as everyone else. These comparisons are rarely meaningful anyway. No one hasRead More

How is Addiction Related to Loneliness?

Social isolation, especially in childhood, is a major predictor of addiction risk. People who are more isolated are at greater risk for mental health issues and addiction. People are fundamentally social beings and isolation isn’t healthy. People who are socially isolated have fewer resources for dealing with problems. Therefore, when things go wrong, it’s moreRead More

Can You Attend AA Meetings if You’re Addicted to Something Else?

People struggling with addictions other than alcohol sometimes want to know whether they can attend AA meetings. Usually, the reason for this comes down to the broad availability of AA meetings compared to other kinds of 12-step meetings. There may be only AA meetings in your area, or you may not like the NA meetingsRead More

Why is Mixing Cocaine and Alcohol So Dangerous?

Cocaine and alcohol is a common combination. People often drink a bit, get tired, then do a bit of cocaine to bring them up and keep them going. On the other hand, drinking enhances the effect of the cocaine. Unfortunately, combining alcohol and cocaine is far more dangerous than using either substance alone. First, usingRead More

Why Share at 12-step Meetings?

Sharing at 12-step meetings is an important part of recovery. While you can get some benefit from just attending meetings and listening, you will get more benefit if you share too. While it’s understandable to feel hesitant, especially at first, there are several reasons for you to pluck up the nerve to say your piece.Read More

What is a Victim Mentality?

A victim mentality is the belief that bad things are always happening to you through no fault of your own. This is common in addiction and recovery for several reasons. First, people who struggle with addiction have often been victims of trauma. Many addictions are driven by childhood abuse or neglect and many more areRead More

What’s the Difference Between a Desire and a Craving?

At a basic level, a craving is an intense desire. Not only do you want something, but you feel like you must have it. While we can desire pretty much anything, we tend to crave fundamental things like food and sex. Of course, a craving can also be to satisfy drugs or alcohol, or anyRead More

Can You Really Have an Addictive Personality?

There is a popular idea of a an addictive personality. This is the idea of a type of person who is prone to excess and obsession. He doesn’t take up baking; he opens a bakery. He doesn’t have a drink; he has 20. For someone with an addictive personality, moderation is never an option. ThisRead More

Are We Getting Lonelier?

Loneliness has been shown to have serious implications for your quality of life. Humans are interdependent and everyone needs some kind of human contact. Being isolated is not only distressing, but it means you have fewer resources to deal with problems, fewer people who can help you out when things go wrong. Loneliness has alsoRead More

What is the Pink Cloud?

People have many different experiences of recovery. Some people feel off for months–unable to focus or feel pleasure, emotionally numb. Some people feel pretty good except for the cravings. Some people feel really good. They feel like they were granted a reprieve at the last minute. They wake up without a hangover. They feel likeRead More