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What is a Victim Mentality?

A victim mentality is the belief that bad things are always happening to you through no fault of your own. This is common in addiction and recovery for several reasons. First, people who struggle with addiction have often been victims of trauma. Many addictions are driven by childhood abuse or neglect and many more areRead More

How to Get Past Perfectionism in Recovery

Perfectionism can make recovery even harder. A perfectionist may be reluctant to ask for help at all. When she does, she may have trouble taking advice from others. She may have difficulty persevering in the face of setbacks, especially big setbacks like relapses. Perhaps the biggest challenge is finding the humility to try, fail, andRead More

4 Ways Anger is Bad for You

Anger is a normal emotion that serves a valuable purpose. It indicates there’s something wrong that you need to fix. Unfortunately, most people have an unhealthy relationship to anger. Most of us learn from the time we’re children we can’t just throw a tantrum every time something doesn’t go our way. That usually means weRead More

Bipolar Disorder and Addiction

Studies estimate that more than half of people who suffer from bipolar disorder also struggle with addiction at some point in their lives. Alcohol is the substance most often misused by people with bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder, which used to be known as manic depression, is characterized by wild mood swings from feeling aggressive orRead More

What if I’m Having Suicidal Thoughts?

Depression and suicidal thoughts are common in addiction. If you are having suicidal thoughts, you don’t have to face them alone. Call a friend or family member who will listen. If you are in therapy or a 12 Step program, call your therapist or sponsor. If you can’t call any of those people, or youRead More

What’s Your ACE Score?

ACE stands for Adverse Childhood Experiences and it correlates with many problems including major illnesses, mental health issues, and addiction. The basic ACE assessment is 10 questions about your negative experiences in childhood, things like whether you were abused, emotionally, physically, or sexually, whether you witnessed traumatic events, whether you felt neglected, or whether aRead More

How to Study Without Adderall

Adderall is best known as a study drug that is sometimes used to treat ADHD. Many students take Adderall to pull all-nighters studying for finals or finishing projects. The problem is that Adderall is an amphetamine and can be addictive. Taking it regularly to study and meet deadlines makes it harder to do anything withoutRead More

What is Stimulant Psychosis?

Stimulant psychosis is when you experience paranoia, delusions, or hallucinations caused by stimulant use. It is most commonly caused by an overdose of cocaine, methylphenidate, substituted amphetamines such as methamphetamine, and, in rare cases, caffeine. It occurs in a small percentage of people taking stimulants at lower doses and occasionally when withdrawing from stimulants. TheRead More

Denial is More Than Stubbornness

Addictive behavior is baffling from the outside. Friends or family of addicted people may look on in wonder as their loved one burns her life down. From the outside, it is obvious that most of the bad things in her life would stop happening if she would only get treatment and stay sober. Her unwillingnessRead More

Social Anxiety and Addiction

While around 10 percent of the population struggles with some sort of addiction, the percentage of people with social anxiety disorder struggling with depression is closer to 20. That is, someone with social anxiety disorder is twice as likely as any random person to struggle with addiction. Social anxiety disorder means you you experience intenseRead More