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7 Ways to Have Sober Fun this Summer

When the weather gets hot, a cold beer might seem pretty tempting, especially if you like grilling out or going to the beach. If you’re in recovery, it’s a good idea to find some ways to keep busy that won’t tempt you to drink. Here are a few suggestions for having fun in the hotRead More

Eat These Foods to Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation is being linked to more and more conditions. Conditions of particular interest to people in recovery include depression, heart disease, arthritis, and chronic pain. Inflammation is basically what happens when your body believes it’s under threat from a virus or bacteria. The immune system releases antibodies to attack the invader. The problem is, thereRead More

4 Ways Perfectionism Makes Addiction Recovery Harder

Perfectionists are people who hold themselves and other to unrealistic standards and become angry or disappointed when those standards aren’t met. The constant feelings of failure and disappointment create anxiety and depression, which some people manage with drinking or drugs. Not only can perfectionism lead to addiction, it also makes it harder to recover. PerfectionismRead More

How to Stay Sober on Vacation

With summer starting, many people will be heading off on vacation. It’s great to have a break from the normal routine and have a chance to relax. Vacation is also a good time for reflection and recharging so you can bring a fresh energy back to your normal life. The one caveat is that youRead More

How Sleep Makes You Feel Better

It’s easy to underestimate the value of getting plenty of sleep. It’s the first thing to suffer when we have more obligations than time. And, after all, it’s not like you’re doing anything when you sleep, right? Well, you may be asleep, but your body is busy doing stuff it can’t do while you’re awakeRead More

3 Reasons to Try Running in Recovery

Part of recovery is adopting a healthier lifestyle that includes better relationships, healthy eating, plenty of sleep, and regular exercise. The best exercise is the exercise you enjoy and will do regularly. If there’s nothing in particular you like, there are some good reasons to give running a try. First, it’s  very easy to getRead More

Am I Addicted to Exercise?

Exercise is essential to a healthy lifestyle. It is especially helpful in recovery. It strengthens the heart and lungs and helps the body heal. It reduces stress and helps alleviate anxiety and depression. As with everything else, though, you can take exercise too far. People sometimes become addicted to exercise, especially endurance exercise like runningRead More

How Spring Cleaning Can Declutter Your Life

Your immediate environment affects how you feel. If your place is a bit cluttered or messy, even if you’re used to it, you might feel slightly oppressed by it. Giving the place a good cleaning can help you feel better in a number of ways. First, it’s a good way to get rid of anyRead More

Kitchen Therapy

If you are in recovery, there are many reasons to learn to cook, or learn to cook better. The first, and most obvious is that you have to eat, so you might as well learn to cook. There will never be a point in your life when you kick yourself and say, “Why did IRead More

What is Poppy Seed Tea?

Poppy seed tea is a drink made from soaking poppy seeds. Technically, it’s not a tea because it is not made by steeping leaves. It is sometimes used as a traditional remedy for pain or diarrhea. More often in the US, people brew it as an alternative to opioids. Poppy seeds are legal to buyRead More