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5 Ways Your Drinking Affects Your Kids

Alcohol addiction doesn’t only affect you. It affects you family too, and especially your kids. It’s easy to forget that kids see the world differently from adults. Kids are dependent on their parents, so whatever you do becomes magnified. You may assume they don’t notice your drinking or don’t care, but they almost certainly do.Read More

5 Traits Common in People with Alcoholic Parents

Growing up with a parent who is addicted to alcohol or other drugs can be chaotic and stressful. Children don’t react to things the same way adults do. Behavior adults merely find obnoxious or irritating can frighten children. This is especially true of their parents’ behavior at home. For children, the kind of erratic, negligent,Read More

How to Help Your Loved One Understand What Addiction is Like

It’s hard to understand addiction if you have never been through it. From the outside, addiction makes no sense. It appears self-destructive, and often, the addict herself hates her addiction but doesn’t stop. The addicted mindset is so remote from most people’s experience. They don’t understand why you don’t just quit, or slow down, orRead More

How to Tell Your Kids You’re Going into Treatment

It’s not easy to admit you have a problem with drugs or alcohol and it’s even harder to admit it to your kids. If you have finally accepted that you need treatment, telling your kids about it certainly isn’t a conversation you will look forward to, but it’s necessary. What you say to them willRead More

Adult Children of Alcoholics

If you have struggled with addiction to alcohol or other substances, there’s a good chance you had a parent who did too. Addiction runs in families and having a parent who is an addict is a good predictor of future problems. Addiction is just one problem adult children of alcoholics frequently have. There is, inRead More

How to Help a Loved One Coming Home from Rehab

The transition from inpatient treatment to normal home life is a tricky time for someone in recovery. It means moving from a sheltered, supportive environment back to a place where many of the old stresses and temptations might be waiting. There are some ways you can help make this transition easier for a loved oneRead More

What to do if You Find Drugs in Your Child’s Room

It can be a shock to find your child in possession of drugs or alcohol. Most people feel like their kid would never do drugs, that they’re too young, or that at least they would notice something if their kid was doing drugs. In fact, most American teens have tried alcohol and been offered drugs.Read More

Caring for Yourself When a Loved One is Addicted

Having a loved one who struggles with addiction can be tiring. Just how tiring depends on the severity of their addiction. You may have to endure a long series of false hopes and disappointments, punctuated by the occasional crisis, or it might be mostly crises, with lying, stealing, and fighting thrown into the mix. OnRead More

Signs of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Alcoholism is a very serious disease which causes a person to drink excessively, despite negative consequences happening from their actions.  Someone who is a true alcoholic likely won’t be able to quit drinking when certain life situations happen, such as pregnancy.  A woman who continues to drink during her pregnancy can cause tremendous mental andRead More

Alcoholism Can Be Hereditary

Many families where alcoholism is present have more than one family member that it affects, which can make it easy to jump to conclusions about the causes.  People growing up and seeing their close family members struggle with alcoholism may worry they are automatically going to end up as an alcoholic, simply because their parentsRead More