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How Motivational Enhancement Therapy Can Help You Stop Drinking

Motivational Enhancement Therapy, or MET, is a therapeutic approach that tries to help people find their own internal motivation to quit drinking. One common impediment to sobriety is that people are often not sure whether they want to quit. This is perplexing to an outsider who sees how destructive the addict’s behavior is, but theRead More

Adult Children of Alcoholics

If you have struggled with addiction to alcohol or other substances, there’s a good chance you had a parent who did too. Addiction runs in families and having a parent who is an addict is a good predictor of future problems. Addiction is just one problem adult children of alcoholics frequently have. There is, inRead More

Can I Go to Al-Anon Meetings if I’m an Alcoholic?

Everyone knows AA meetings are for alcoholics and Al-Anon meetings are for their families. In reality, though, that distinction isn’t always so clear. If you are an alcoholic, it’s likely someone else in your family is also an alcoholic. That might mean you grew up with an alcoholic parent or grandparent, or it might meanRead More

How Do I Know if I’m an Alcoholic?

We live in a drinking culture and sometimes the line between drinking a little too much and having an actual problem is hard to define. If someone you know has expressed concern about your drinking or if you just feel like you’ve been hitting it a little too hard lately, here are some indications thatRead More

What is a “Functional Alcoholic”?

A “functional alcoholic” is someone who appears to live a normal, or even successful life despite having an alcohol use disorder. While the word “alcoholic” evokes an image of someone whose life is falling apart, that image is not always accurate. It might not even be mostly accurate. Alcohol addiction tends to develop more slowlyRead More

Is Moderate Drinking Good for Your Health?

Everyone knows that excessive drinking is bad for your health, although most people would say they don’t drink excessively. For years there have been studies claiming that moderate drinking–typically one or two drinks per day–actually has some health benefits. Like most health and science news, however, whether or not moderate drinking is healthy seems toRead More

What Does it Mean to “Drink Yourself to Death”?

A phrase you often hear in relation to someone with a severe alcohol addiction is that “he is drinking himself to death.” It’s a curious phrase, especially since people hardly ever say that someone is smoking himself to death, even though tobacco kills far more people every year than alcohol. What does it mean toRead More

Can You Taper Off Alcohol?

Severe alcohol withdrawal can be dangerous. If you have been drinking heavily for a long time, quitting abruptly entails risk of seizure or death. Even more moderate withdrawal can include high blood pressure and erratic or pounding heartbeat, which can be dangerous if you have a pre-existing heart condition. That’s why experts typically recommend detoxingRead More

How to Relax without Drugs or Alcohol

Early in recovery, people often feel tense and agitated. For years they may have relied on drugs or alcohol to help them unwind or fall asleep. It’s hard to feel good about life in recovery if you always feel tense, especially if you have trouble sleeping. That tension will gradually subside on its own asRead More