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You Will Recover From Alcoholism

If you have an addiction to alcohol and are receiving treatment, you may have a lot of questions about what the future holds for you.  Alcoholism likely took over your life for a significant amount of time, and now that it isn’t part of your daily life, you’re able to seek opportunities which seemed out of reach.  Still, you may be left wondering how your life will look in 5, 10, or 20 years.  

The first thing to understand is that alcoholism is a disease, which is chronic and incurable.  An alcoholic’s brain chemistry is different from a person who is not an alcoholic.  The way an alcoholic receives pleasure in the nucleus accumbens portion of their brain is very unique.  Alcohol triggers an excess release of dopamine, which causes an extreme surge of pleasure in an individual.  The more a person drinks, the more dopamine that is released.  Brains are like computers, wired to remember things which cause pleasure and make them feel good.  

Dopamine is released in response to any pleasurable act, such as eating, sex, and gambling.  People who are alcoholics also have a higher possibility of becoming addicted to other pleasure causing behaviors.  An alcoholic brain creates obsessions and intense cravings for alcohol, and due to the chronic nature of alcoholism, cravings and compulsive drinking habits will likely never go away.  There is no cure for alcoholism.  It can be compared to cancer in the sense that it goes into remission, but may return at any time.  The only effective way of treating alcoholism is by not drinking.  Someone who is an alcoholic lacks the ability to drink in moderation, and will likely be that way for their lifetime because of the way their brain processes alcohol and produces excess neurotransmitters.  

There are many effective ways alcoholics find to keep their cravings to a minimum.  The involvement in 12-step self-help meetings has helped thousands of people reclaim their lives and identify the cause of their addiction.  Through a thorough soul searching and moral inventory, lots of people figure out they have deep-seeded anger towards someone or something, and they may have been totally unaware exactly what had been bothering them for years.  Learning your own wrongdoings and forgiving others of theirs helps diminish cravings for alcohol by confronting the emotions you likely spent years burying.  You may never have the ability to drink moderately and recreationally, but you’re definitely in for a life full of memories and triumphs if you choose the path of sobriety.  

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