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Will I Learn To Like Sobriety?

One of the biggest fears someone might have about getting clean and sober is what life will be like without the use of drugs and alcohol.  For so long, the addict has experienced their life behind a substance lens.  Therefore, the thought of living without that substance can be terrifying.  Many wonder what they will do and think that life will now be boring.  

It is no argument that it will certainly be an adjustment. However, living a life free of addiction opens endless doors; doors that once were not possible because you were always under the influence.  You will be able to find hobbies that you love and are actually able to follow through with and friends that you know are true because they have no ulterior motives.  Learning how to do day-to-day tasks will be different, and nobody promises that it will be easy.  However, you’ll be mentally present and able to enjoy and remember fun times.  You won’t see pictures and feel embarrassment and shame.

Now, when people look at you, they will be proud; proud of how strong you are and how you have overcome.  When you have people who believe in you and who you know are quietly impressed with your sobriety, it’s empowering.  Being sober makes you want to keep being sober.  You will accept challenges with open arms and it will be exciting.  No matter what, you will experience failures in your life, yet being sober you will always have that sense of pride to fall back on knowing that you have gone through bigger life changing circumstances and made it through to the other side.  Hitting milestones makes you want to keep going.  

Additionally, when you’re sober you feel as though you’ve won the lottery.  Things that you have always wanted to try but couldn’t because you were too obliterated, are now possible in excess. The greatest part of being clean and sober is that you learn to love yourself.  You no longer feel that deep shame of what you are or what you have done.  You finally feel like you fit in – most importantly, with yourself.

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