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Why You Should Learn as Much as You Can About Addiction

Whether you’re considering treatment, starting recovery, or are a long time sober, it pays to learn as much as you can about addiction. Although everyone is different and faces different challenges in addiction, there are certain patterns and pitfalls that are common. The more you are aware of these, the easier they will be to avoid.

Having some idea of what to expect and what has worked for other people can relieve some of your anxiety about recovery and help you stay on course. For example, many people experience post-acute-withdrawal syndrome, or PAWS. This is typically an emotional rollercoaster careening from feeling great to abject depression. If you had never heard of PAWS, experiencing it might make you feel like something has gone wrong, when in reality, PAWS is a normal part of recovery and eventually goes away on its own.

You may not like to read or do research. You might even feel like your concentration and memory are not up to the task. It still will benefit you to learn as much as you can, even if you only read one short article a day about addiction and recovery. For one thing, addiction and addiction treatment are complicated. There are several key controversies in the field, which you will discover quickly with a few Google searches. Understanding at least the broad outlines of addiction and treatment will help you make better decisions. For example, should you try Suboxone for an opioid addiction? People have strong opinions either way and it would help if you knew why.

Another reason it’s so important to learn about addiction is that when you are deep in active addiction, it’s hard to imagine living differently. Reading about people who have come back after really bad mistakes can help you imagine a better future for yourself. Even if you can’t quite imagine your own life getting better, reading these stories will at least get the idea into your head that change is possible and give you something to aim for.

Although it’s good to know as much as possible, and never stop learning, it’s essential not to let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Don’t let research become a way of putting off action. You can figure out most of the basics in a few hours online. Just search terms like “detox,” “treatment,” “addiction therapy,” and “recovery” plus whatever substances you think you have a problem with. Once you know some of the basics, take action. Contact a treatment center or a therapist. Discuss treatment with your family. Or you can just go to an AA or NA meeting and listen.

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