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Why Should I Move Into a Sober Living Environment After Treatment?

The idea of returning home after treatment can be a scary thought.  You have just spent 90 days trying to unlearn habits that have been built over a lifetime.  You may be wondering if you are ready to return to your old life.   With relapse rates ranging between 50%-90% this is a legitimate concern. Relapse is a possibility in recovery, but it does not have to be a promise.  Returning to your home could mean coming back to a world full of triggers that might cause you to stumble.  

An option to help with the transition is a Sober Living environment or “halfway house”.  Sober living environments are transitional homes that help you ease back into your life after completing treatment.  They will maintain a drug and alcohol free environment that limits the stresses and temptations you may face in your home life.  Some communities may even offer services such as job placement, support groups, and 12-step programs in-house.  Sober living homes are typically positioned in residential, suburban communities and are removed from the hustle and stresses that can come with city life.

By choosing to first go to a sober living community, you will be able to begin your reintroduction into the real world while still having accountability and support for your recovery.  This support system can help you deal with some of the pressures that you will face early on in your transition back to the real world: returning, dealing with people who may not know about or understand your sobriety.  While in a sober living environment you will be surrounded by others in the exact same situation as you.  Not as intensive as a treatment facility,  sober living communities are very strict in their rules regarding drugs and alcohol.  Most sober living communities will utilize onsite testing methods for drug and alcohol use.  Some may see it as a negative aspect, but sober living communities will typically have a restriction on guests and encourage the patient to avoid romantic relationships early in their recovery. .  If you have any doubts or concerns about returning to your home life, a sober living community can be the perfect transition for you.

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