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Why Share at 12-step Meetings?

Sharing at 12-step meetings is an important part of recovery. While you can get some benefit from just attending meetings and listening, you will get more benefit if you share too. While it’s understandable to feel hesitant, especially at first, there are several reasons for you to pluck up the nerve to say your piece.

It makes you part of the group.

You can go to meetings, listen, and even work the steps, but if you feel like an outsider, you are probably missing out on the most helpful part of the process. Actively engaging with the group, even if you don’t particularly enjoy it, has been shown to be a major factor in staying sober. Sharing makes you feel like a part of the group rather than just a spectator. It shows your commitment to recovery and lets the other people in the room know where you’re coming from.

You can get feedback on your problems.

Depending on your situation, the people at your 12-step meeting may be the only people in your life who can understand what you’re going through. Most have been through something similar, and some of them have found their way to a much better place. Getting outside perspectives on your problems can help you figure out what to do and make you feel like whatever you’re dealing with, you aren’t dealing with it alone. Sometimes just articulating whatever is bothering you can help clarify the problem and make a solution easier.

What you have to say has value.

It might not seem like your situation is very special or interesting, but you never know how sharing your story and your problems might help someone else out. It might make others feel less alone when they hear you have been through something similar. It might remind someone with more time sober exactly why he stopped drinking. As you get stronger in recovery and start to turn around some parts of your life, sharing your successes will encourage others to keep working.

Sharing keeps you honest.

At some point, you will likely feel like you have this addiction thing beat and you brain will start playing tricks on you, like telling you one drink with lunch is no big deal. When you share what’s going on, it’s usually pretty obvious to everyone else when delusional thinking is creeping in. When they see it, they can call you on it. Sometimes it’s hard to be totally honest with yourself, and having others around to keep you accountable helps. And if you try to avoid accountability by suddenly not sharing, they will probably notice that too.

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