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Why Is Commitment Critical For Recovery?

Detox and rehab are only the beginning of recovery. While detox can get your through the initial turbulence and rehab can point you in the right direction, you have to do the walking yourself. Recovery isn’t like a broken arm where you wear a cast for six weeks then never think about it again. You have to commit to recovery for the long term and make sure you keep doing the things that make you healthier and stronger.

Commitment means several things. First, it means you make recovery a priority. You accept the fact that unless you stay in recovery, the other things that seem important probably won’t work out. Commitment also means you accept that recovery will sometimes be hard. Even when you doubt your ability to succeed you have to keep trying anyway. You have to renew your commitment to recovery every day.

Commitment is important to recovery for several reasons. Addiction is a deep groove that’s easy to slide back into. You have to be vigilant and not take your recovery for granted. Addictive substances essentially short-circuit your brain and trick it into locking in maladaptive patterns quickly. It’s similar to how a traumatic event can instantly create a pattern of fear or anxiety. It may take a much longer time to establish healthy patterns than it did to establish unhealthy ones. You have to be aware of this at the beginning of recovery and be willing to put in however much time it takes to establish healthy patterns.

It’s not just your brain you will be fixing. You may have to repair relationships. It may take a little time to show your friends and family your commitment to recovery is real. You may find some relationships contributed to your addiction, either directly or indirectly, and so you may have to fix those relationships or end them.

All of this takes time and patience. Commitment is an affirmation that you are in it for the long term. Looking at it this way makes setbacks less discouraging, because there’s always tomorrow. Even slow progress is progress.

We often think commitment is scary. Sometimes it is, but in the case of recovery it isn’t. When it comes to jobs, relationships, cars, data plans, etc. we are often paralyzed by our fear of missing out. There are so many options that choosing one usually means rejecting the rest. It’s easier just not to commit and try to keep our options open. Recovery isn’t the same kind of choice. Your only alternative to recovery is addiction. It’s true that recovery is harder. It’s possible to fail–at least temporarily–at recovery, while failing at addiction is difficult, but recovery is the choice that makes other choices possible.

Detox is the first step in the journey to recovery from addiction to drugs and alcohol. The Gardens Wellness Center is redefining the way we approach detox and treat those who are detoxing. Our comfortable environment, encouraging program, and engaging amenities set us apart from other detox centers. Call us today for information:  (844) 325-9168