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Which Holistic Therapies Help Relieve Detox Symptoms?

Some detox centers offer a range of holistic therapies. Normal medical care at a detox center usually includes IV fluids and vitamins, medication to treat withdrawal symptoms, counselling, and rest. Holistic therapies include anything beyond the normal medical care, and particularly anything intended to treat the whole person and not just withdrawal symptoms. This might include acupuncture, massage, meditation, exercise, and nutrition.

Many holistic therapies are more important for long term recovery than relieving withdrawal symptoms. Exercise and healthy food, for example, are necessary to feel good and manage stress in the long run, but they won’t help much in the short time it takes to detox. Meditation is another example. Mindfulness meditation can be an excellent way to manage pain and cravings, but it does take a bit of practice. If you try to start in the middle of detox, you might end up dwelling on your discomfort. Other forms of meditation, such as guided visualization, may be more useful during detox.

Although many holistic therapies are more effective over longer periods, some may still be helpful for relieving detox symptoms. Therapeutic massage is one example. Therapeutic massage can have several immediate benefits. The most obvious is that helps you relax. Detox is a stressful time on both your body and mind. Most people experience some degree of anxiety during withdrawal. You are almost certainly holding a lot of tension in your muscles, possibly without realizing. Massage therapy helps you release that tension and relax. It might even help you sleep, which is nice because insomnia is another common withdrawal symptom.

Massage therapy can also help with pain. Muscle and bone aches are common symptoms of opioid  withdrawal and massage can relieve some of the pain.

Acupuncture is another holistic therapy that might be helpful in detox. The NADA protocol is a treatment that involves five thin needles placed at specific points on the ears. Research has shown that it reduces withdrawal symptoms, improves mood, and helps prevent relapse. There are other forms of acupuncture that treat specific symptoms like headaches and digestive problems. Acupuncture may also be useful after detox to gradually restore the health of organs such as liver and kidneys.

Human dignity has value. When a loved one chooses detox, they should be comfortable and treated with respect. Struggling with addiction is not something punished. Recovery should be supported with empathy and acceptance. Gardens Detox stands out, changing the way the industry approaches detox. Call us today for information on our programs:  (844) 325-9168