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When I’m Sober, What Will I Do for Fun?

Many addicts fear that sobriety means never having fun again. For a long time, fun was associated with drugs and alcohol. In detox and treatment, you may feel depressed while your brain adjusts to the absence of the chemicals you depend on. Even when you start to feel somewhat normal again, you may remember the fun early days of using and other, sober pursuits may seem bland by comparison.

This fear is unfounded. The fun of drugs and alcohol was not as good as you remember and sobriety is not as boring as you imagine. You will be bored sometimes, like everyone is, but you will also have more opportunities than you had when you were using. Give yourself opportunities to have fun and then don’t think about it. Here are some suggestions for doing that.

Go to meetings. This doesn’t sound like a blast, but it’s an excellent place to start. At the beginning of recovery, you may feel like your family doesn’t understand what you’re dealing with, however supportive they try to be. At meetings, you are among people dealing with similar problems and you don’t have to feel guarded. It’s hard to have fun when you feel defensive. Meetings are where you will have the most opportunities to meet others who prioritize staying sober. Some of those people will have had more practice at it and they can help you learn how to stay busy and have fun.

Involve your family. Chances are you family missed you while you were in active addiction. Finding fun things to do with you family is a good way to start reconnecting. It doesn’t have to be anything big. Go bowling or get together and watch a movie. Let them choose. Having fun is easier if you have no expectations.

Get outside. Sunlight and fresh air are good for you. Nature is even better. Plan some outdoor activities, the more active, the better. Go for a hike, a bike ride, or do a bit of kayaking. If you go hunting or camping, make sure your companions are also committed to sobriety.

Take up a new hobby. Or resume an old one. Hobbies, especially new ones, are great because they teach you to endure small amounts of frustration in pursuit of a goal. If you have never painted before, you can be reasonably certain your first few efforts will look like complete trash. That part is frustrating, but you will also improve quickly and seeing that improvement is satisfying. Find a teacher or join a class if you can and make lessons part of your regular schedule. The better you get at your new hobby, the more it will absorb your concentration. It will help keep you in the present moment and keep your mind off worries and cravings.

Your idea of fun has changed throughout your life and this is just another change–this time for the better. With the right therapy and support, you will end up having more fun than you ever have, and it will be fun you can feel good about. The Gardens Wellness Center can help get you there with detox, counselling and group therapy. Don’t wait. Call us today at 844-828-1050 or email us at