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What Symptoms Can I Expect with Heroin Withdrawal?

Heroin withdrawal is not the same for everyone. The longer you have used heroin and the higher the doses, the worse withdrawal is likely to be. If your body has had a long time to adjust to the presence of heroin in your system, the sudden absence will cause more turmoil than if you had used moderately for a short time. The severity will also depend on whether you have other issues, such as a history of mental health problems or addiction.

Heroin is a short-acting drug, which means you will start to feel symptoms in a matter of hours after your last dose. Withdrawal symptoms will typically start in six to 12 hours and peak in two to three days. By 10 days, the symptoms should be mostly gone.

In the best case scenario, you can expect a few relatively mild symptoms. These include nausea, stomach cramps, watery eyes, runny nose, frequent yawning, sweating, chills, and aches.

Moderate symptoms might include vomiting, diarrhea, agitation, restlessness, and fatigue.

The most severe symptoms include anxiety, depression, insomnia, high blood pressure, elevated heart rate, muscle spasms, trouble breathing, and intense cravings.

Moderate and severe withdrawal will likely include the milder symptoms as well. Just because you suffer from insomnia doesn’t mean you won’t also experience diarrhea.

Opioids mainly affect the way you experience pain, so muscle and bone aches are common. Part of detox and treatment is relearning the difference between normal sensations and pain.

Many people describe the symptoms of heroin withdrawal as similar to a bad flu because of the aches, diarrhea, and vomiting. Unlike the flu, however, you know you can end the suffering immediately by using again. The discomfort of withdrawal symptoms makes completing detox at home very difficult.

Withdrawal can be especially difficult because you will feel like it will never end. It may take a week for symptoms to subside but when you are in the middle of it, a week can feel like a very long time. You may begin to think you will feel terrible for the rest of your life. This feeling is compounded by the anxiety and depression that are often symptoms of heroin withdrawal.

Withdrawal from heroin isn’t generally life-threatening in itself but the pain and depression may lead to thoughts of suicide. Pre-existing conditions may also cause problems. It’s best to have supervision during detox, ideally medical supervision at a clinic.

Human dignity has value. When a loved one chooses detox, they should be comfortable and treated with respect. Struggling with addiction is not something punished. Recovery should be supported with empathy and acceptance. Gardens Detox stands out, changing the way the industry approaches detox. Call us today for information on our programs:  (844) 325-9168