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What if Treatment Hasn’t Worked?

One of the discouraging realities of addiction treatment is that relapse rates are pretty high, even at good treatment centers. Some people have gone through detox and treatment several times, only to end up relapsing again. Why hasn’t treatment worked, and how can you fix it?

Addiction is complicated because people are complicated. There are many reasons treatment might not have worked the first, second, or third time. One of the most common reasons is the client wasn’t ready to quit. People often go to rehab for reasons other than wanting to quit. Sometimes their families make them go, or sometimes they were ordered by the court. Treatment can sometimes be effective for people who don’t want to be there, but if someone fully intends to start using again the moment he walks out the door, he will probably relapse.

Another problem is that the treatment methods may not have been suited for the client’s needs. A quality treatment center will go to a lot of effort to figure out what’s driving your addictive behavior and use a variety of evidence-based methods to help you. Even under these ideal conditions, people sometimes don’t get quite what they need or they run into another problem later on.

More often, treatment centers rely on dogmatic or outdated methods. They take a one-size-fits-all approach that turns out to fit hardly anyone. If you go through a treatment program that isn’t well suited to your needs, or worse, doesn’t care at all about your needs, you are not likely to do well in recovery. This is especially true if, like most people struggling with addiction, you have a dual diagnosis to consider. A facility that only treats the addiction and ignores the other issue will probably not give you the help you need.

Often, the problem starts after leaving treatment. Either they haven’t sufficiently prepared for the transition, or they think they can just go back to their normal life and expect everything to be fine. Unfortunately, that “normal life” may be full of triggers and other negative influences. If all your friends still use, for example, it will make it hard for you to stay in recovery.

People do succeed after several attempts at sobriety. The important thing is to learn from failure. Where did you trip up? What parts of treatment helped and what parts didn’t? What can you do differently next time to get you over those hurdles? Don’t give up hope. If you really want to get sober, there is a way to do it.

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