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Treatment is Cheaper than Addiction

One objection people sometimes have to detox and treatment is the cost. You essentially have to pay a full-time medical and counseling staff plus room and board and whatever amenities the facility offers for as long as detox and treatment take. That can often be expensive, which is a convenient excuse to avoid treatment. In reality, though, addiction is far more expensive than treatment.

First, insurance can cover detox and treatment costs. Insurance covers at least part of many programs. There are also state and federal assistance programs that may be available for people without insurance. Treatment centers typically have people who specialize in finding ways to make treatment financially possible for people who need it. Many centers offer sliding scales or payment plans.

Second, even if you had to pay every dime out of pocket, the cost wouldn’t compare to years of addiction. Drugs are expensive, as are hospital bills, ambulances, legal issues, and more.  A heroin or cocaine addiction can cost more than 10,000 dollars a year, which is enough for a good 30-day inpatient program or a top outpatient program. It’s enough to do clinical detox several times over. And that’s just the cost of drugs for one year.

Third, there are huge opportunity costs involved in drug addiction. Most people’s income tends to increase as they get older. They learn new skills, meet new people, advance in their companies, and bring home bigger paychecks. Addiction compromises that trend. You miss out on opportunities for advancement and if your addiction becomes serious enough, you could lose your job, or you might have trouble keeping any job. Instead of earning gradually more money, you earn precipitously less, while the cost of addiction continues to grow.

The money you spend on addiction is also money you don’t save. Saving and investing money earns interest over time. If you take the 10,000 dollars you could spend on cocaine or heroin in a year and invest it in a reasonably safe fund, you could earn 500 dollars for doing nothing, and that figure grows every year.

Fourth, the biggest costs of addiction are not quantifiable. Addiction takes away your freedom and alienates the people who care about you. Addiction also damages your health. The healthcare costs are perhaps quantifiable, but how much you would pay for healthcare and how much you would pay for health are two different things. Much of the damage addiction does to your health is reversible, but some isn’t. You can’t buy back your health at any price.

A similar reasoning applies to any legal trouble you might run into because of your addiction. You could count up court costs and lawyer fees, but how much would you pay to not be in prison or to not have killed someone while driving drunk?

The cost of detox and treatment pays for itself many times over, and faster than you might think. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, Gardens Wellness Center can help you detox and decide on a treatment strategy. Call us today at 844-828-1050 or email us at to learn more.