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Showering Is a Saving Grace in Detox

Showers can make detox a much better experience. It’s a simple thing that isn’t often discussed, possibly because people would wonder about a detox facility that listed “showers” as a featured therapy. Simple though it is, don’t underestimate how much better a good shower can make you feel during withdrawal. Here are some problems a nice shower can help with.

Sweat. You are likely to sweat a lot. Fever and sweating are among the most common withdrawal symptoms for any drug. You may spend a lot of time soaked in sweat, which feels gross. Some addicts claim there is detox smell, possibly caused by your body expelling toxins through the skin, or possibly caused by some other change in body chemistry, or both. A good shower can give you a bit of relief, even if you aren’t quite done sweating.

Aches. Aches are a common side effect of opioid withdrawal. You bones ache and your muscles ache. Letting hot water run on achy muscles can soothe the pain and help you relax. Even if you aren’t specifically detoxing from opioids, you may be a bit achy from spending a lot of time sitting or lying down. A hot shower can loosen you up.

Snot. A hot shower can help open your sinuses. One of the mild symptoms of opioid withdrawal is runny nose. A steamy shower can clear that stuff out of your head for a bit.

Regulate body temperature. One common withdrawal symptom for many drugs is the inability to regulate body temperature. You may feel like you can’t get warm or you can’t cool down. You might alternate between hot and cold. If you feel like you can’t get warm, a hot shower might help. You might want to be careful with cold showers, as they can make you shiver and you probably don’t want to be shivering if you are at risk for seizures.

Anxiety. A withdrawal symptom common to almost all drugs is anxiety. You will probably feel anxious, tense, and irritable. A nice hot shower can help your muscles relax, especially the muscles in your neck and jaw, which tend to build up tension without us noticing. Not only can it help you calm down, but it’s one place where people definitely won’t bother you. You can stand under the water, relax, and think.

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