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Should I Take Vitamins During Detox?

Drug addiction often causes you to neglect your health. Some drugs, especially stimulants, suppress your appetite, preventing you from getting adequate calories of any kind. Some drugs mask the symptoms of malnutrition or dehydration. Some drugs actually deplete vitamins or prevent them from being absorbed. Alcohol, for example, depletes B vitamins and also causes dehydration. Taking vitamins during detox can ease some of the symptoms, including cravings, and start restoring your health for long-term recovery.

This is why detox centers usually administer vitamins along with IV fluids. B vitamins and vitamin C are especially important. B vitamins are particularly depleted in alcoholics. For alcoholics in withdrawal, the Mayo Clinic recommends 100 milligrams of B1, or thiamine, which is about 100 times the daily recommended allowance. B1 supplementation helps reduce fatigue and improve mental clarity, both of which are helpful during detox. Vitamin C helps improve immune function. If you already feel bad from withdrawal, the last thing you need is a virus.

Alcoholics often suffer from other vitamin deficiencies as well, because alcohol prevents the body from absorbing vitamins properly. In addition to B and C, alcoholics are typically deficient in other vitamins including selenium, magnesium, calcium, and zinc. These are all important for various functions, including immunity, mood, and energy.

Taking vitamins to make up for these deficits can ease your symptoms and speed up detox. A multivitamin is a good idea but keep in mind that multivitamins are typically formulated for long-term use and not to make up for severe deficiencies. You may need higher doses of some vitamins at first but you should be careful with dosages of selenium, magnesium, calcium, and zinc because large doses can cause problems. It’s best to either stick with the recommended daily allowance of those vitamins or consult a doctor. B and C vitamins, however, can be taken frequently in large doses and your body will just get rid of whatever it doesn’t need.

If you detox in a clinic, you will have doctors who can perform blood tests to determine your specific deficiencies and correct them. This is the safest and most efficient way to do it. If you have to detox at home, having high quality B-complex and C vitamins on hand in addition to a multivitamin is a good idea. It’s always best to get vitamins from food, but if nutrition has been neglected for months or years, you might have to catch up.

Human dignity has value. When a loved one chooses detox, they should be comfortable and treated with respect. Struggling with addiction is not something punished. Recovery should be supported with empathy and acceptance. Gardens Detox stands out, changing the way the industry approaches detox. Call us today for information on our programs:  (844) 325-9168