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How to Stay Sober During Baseball Season

It’s baseball season and the air at baseball games is always full of the smell of peanuts, hot dogs, and beer. If you’re newly sober and love baseball games, it’s good to take some extra precautions when most of the people around you will be drinking. Here are some ways you can stay sober and still enjoy the game.

Bring a sober friend.

Or a sober group. Make sure there’s someone there you can lean on if a craving hits, ideally someone who will abstain in solidarity. If it’s someone else in recovery, you can keep each other honest.

Be the designated driver.

This gives you an excuse not to drink and it gives you and your friends an incentive to make sure you don’t drink. There’s even a program called Responsibility Has Its Rewards that promotes sober driving. If you pledge to be a sober driver for the season, you are entered into a sweepstakes in which you can win tickets to the All-Star Game or the first home game of the World Series if your club makes it that far. Of course, the real prize is sobriety, but the tickets could be nice little bonus.

Plan ahead.

You don’t want to be in a situation where you’re stuck somewhere for hours while everyone else drinks. Make sure you have a plan for when to get there, what you’ll drink–bring your own water, soft drinks, tea, Gatorade or whatever to the pregame if you have to–and when you’ll leave. Have an escape plan if you need it. Remember you can always take a break. Walk around the upper levels where it’s not so crowded and you can get some fresh air.

Focus on the positive.

If you’re used to drinking at games, you might feel like something is missing at first, but you’ll soon get over it. Focus on everything else. You still get to watch a game you love on a warm day while eating hot dogs and peanuts. If you want, you can even shout things that would otherwise never be tolerated in civil society–no need for alcohol. Once you get into the game, you won’t even notice the lack of beer.

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