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How Nature Heals

When you’re in recovery, one of the best things you can do for yourself is spend time in nature. Taking a walk in nature has been repeatedly proven to reduce stress and help people feel calmer. It has been shown to improve many health conditions from diabetes to high blood pressure. Taking a hike once a week is not a substitute for healthcare, therapy, or meetings, but it can make all of those things more effective and just make you feel better.

You may be familiar with calming effect of nature. Getting outside can be a break from everyday pressures, a chance to breathe fresh air and listen to the birds. You may be surprised to learn that the therapeutic effect of nature is actually complex and multifaceted. Studies have shown there are more than 20 ways in which nature improves our health. One of the most important is that walking in nature has been proven to reduce inflammatory cytokines in the blood. These cytokines have been linked to depression and reducing them may improve mood. These cytokines also play a role in diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Spending time in nature may actually expose you to healthy chemicals. Many plants give off compounds called phytoncides. These have a range of health benefits, including improving immune function and lowering blood pressure. Being in nature may also increase your exposure to microorganisms that benefit your skin and immune system.

Interacting with nature can change your behavior for the better. For one thing, if you’re spending more time in nature, you’re probably doing something–hiking, climbing, biking, rowing–and that activity will improve you health, your mood, and your sleep. If you spend two weeks camping, it can reset your circadian rhythm so you have a more regular sleep schedule. Being outside with friends promotes social bonding. You are all more relaxed and you talk instead of watching TV or looking at your phones. Even if you aren’t especially active, just being in nature still has all the other benefits.

Unfortunately, even being active and spending time outside in urban environments hasn’t shown the same benefits. Being active is certainly better than being sedentary, but being active in a natural environment is better still. The good news is that you don’t have to take a raft down the Amazon to get the benefits of nature. Even parks and gardens have some of the same benefits. If nothing else, the mere sights and sounds of nature can make you feel a bit more relaxed. If you can’t get outside, try binge watching Primitive Technology videos on YouTube.

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