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How Long Do I Need to Stay in Treatment

When considering going into a treatment facility, you may wonder how long it will take to get well again.  Sometimes people hope or wish for a quick and easy solution to their drug and alcohol addiction, and unfortunately, this is not the case.  There isn’t a quick pill you can take to make it all go away.  Typically, for the addict, their disease stems from something much deeper.  The abuse of substances is just a symptom of their issues.  Until they can work through their problems and understand why it is that they turn to those substances, they have little hope for staying clean and sober for a long period of time.  Treatment centers vary, but inpatient residential treatment typically ranges anywhere from 28 to 120 days.  Many treatment facilities also offer outpatient services, as well.  The average outpatient rehabilitation is 10 weeks, but some can be up to 18 months.  The recommended length of treatment will vary based on an individual’s needs.  Research has shown the longer a person stays in treatment, the more likely they are to continue a life free from addiction.

The first part of treatment will initially consist of medically removing the substance from the body and working through the withdrawals of said substance.  Depending on what the drug is will depend on how long it takes for the withdrawals to subside, but it can take weeks for the body to adjust.  Typically, opioids and alcohol can have some of the worst, and potentially life threatening withdrawals.

Once you’re physically able, you will transition into another level of care, like residential inpatient.  This is where you will begin to develop life skills and coping mechanisms.  A drug rehabilitation treatment center, whether it be inpatient residential or outpatient care, will likely have licensed counselors that help to explore and pinpoint underlying issues so that you may begin to work through and overcome them.  They will help to develop skills so you can manage life’s challenges without turning to various substances.  Many treatment centers encourage twelve step programs, such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA).  These programs can be very beneficial to the addict, as they will find camaraderie with those who have gone through the same situations.

This process of treatment takes time.  There are many parts of the brain that are involved with addiction and several areas of a person’s life may have been affected by the disease.  Therefore, the more time that is devoted to addressing the issues that have arisen from addiction, the greater the benefit will be.

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