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How Do I Get Through Good And Bad Times While Staying Sober?

In active addiction, we drank and drugged for many reasons. When we felt depressed, angry, rejected, misunderstood and unloved, the bottle was our pacifier. Some of us drank or used drugs because we were happy; we had much to celebrate and little fear of the potential consequences of our addiction. Life was one big party, and we were determined not to miss a minute of it.

Still others used for no particular reason at all. We didn’t necessarily drink over anything, because we were going to get drunk that day no matter what. One day was no different from the next; we were simply slaves to a dull and deadly habit.

In sobriety, we find that life brings the same joys and sorrows – and, at times, monotony – as before. We still feel depressed and lonely at times, joyous and celebratory at others. Only now, we must learn new ways to handle all of those situations. Life doesn’t get better just because we’re in recovery, but in recovery, we gain the tools to help us cope with life on life’s terms.

The key to a happy recovery is learning that we’re not alone. We’re building a new network of sober friends whom we’ve met through our treatment program or 12-step fellowship. We’re learning about sobriety under the guidance of our sponsor, our therapist and our treatment group. We’re also coming to believe in a power greater than ourselves, whom we can call upon at any moment, day or night.

At all times, we must remember that addiction is incurable, progressive and fatal if left untreated. We ask that our obsession to use drugs or alcohol be lifted, and we are granted a daily reprieve from our addiction. We don’t ask to be cured for the rest of our lives, because none of us knows what the future holds. We ask only to be sober for these 24 hours.

The journey of recovery can start today. Detox is the first step in the journey to developing a lifelong foundation of sobriety. Call The Gardens Wellness Center for information on how a residential detox program can change your recovery for the better: (844) 325-9168