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How Do I Exercise If I Hate The Gym?

One of the most important things you can do in your recovery is to become physically active.  In addition to serving as an excellent distraction, exercise has been shown to be as effective as medication in treating symptoms of depression.  If you are not a fan of the gym, there are plenty of fitness options that can keep your body moving.  

Join a sports league

Playing a sport is a great way to get a workout while also building healthy relationships.   Check with your local rec center to see what leagues are coming up and how you can get involved.

Go for a run outside

Many studies have shown that not only is running outside more enjoyable, it also is a better workout.  The change of terrain and incline along increase the body’s exertion when running outside.  There are also studies that show people who run outside typically have greater commitment and lower levels of cortisol than they’re treadmill pounding counterparts.

Go for a swim

Because swimming works the entire body it is one of the best workouts you can perform.  30 minutes of breaststroke has been shown to burn up to 367 calories- more than walking, cycling, and running.  Swimming is also a low impact workout making the risk of injury extremely low.  

Ride a bike

Bicycling is an excellent aerobic workout that gives the legs a great strength boost.  Like swimming, biking is a low impact workout that is much easier on your joints than running or jogging.  The wind resistance and changing terrain make biking outside more fun and challenging.

Take up Yoga

Yoga is great for both the mind and body.  The intensity can be modified make it as intense or mellow as desired, making it great for people of all fitness levels.  Yoga has been shown to burn calories, improve balance, increase flexibility, and strengthen the mind body connection.  There are also several studies that show yoga mental health benefits as well as physical.  Yoga has been shown to help with depression and anxiety.

Get in the ring

Boxing has been shown to be a phenomenal workout.  Boxing requires the exertion of maximum effort for a short period of time followed by an even shorter period of rest.  This is referred to as High-Intensity Interval Training and has been shown to burn over 350 calories in just 30 minutes.  Releasing frustrations on a heavy bag can be great for your mental health too.


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