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Going to Detox is the Best Gift for Your Family

With the holiday season coming up, you may be wondering what to get your family. You may be feeling a bit guilty for something or other and hope a nice gift will smooth things over. If you are struggling with addiction, the best gift you can give your family is going to detox and beginning the journey of recovery.

There are exceptions, of course, but most of the time, your family wants what’s best for you. If you have been dealing with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, it has probably affected them too. Not only does addiction make you do things you wouldn’t normally do–things that may harm them directly–but it changes who you are and that can be even harder for family members who feel like they can’t do anything to help you.

In that case, the best thing you can do for them and for yourself is to seek help. They want to see you healthy and happy. They want to spend time with the person they love. Although the holidays have increasingly become about consumerism, they are really about family. Addiction estranges you from the people who care about you, and going to detox is the first step toward reconciliation.

Getting treatment shows them you care about their happiness. It’s a sacrifice of sorts. It shows you are willing to endure discomfort and inconvenience to make your life and theirs better. It’s basically the opposite of picking up a gift at the local pharmacy on the way to Christmas dinner.

Here’s the bonus: In addition to doing something good for them, you are doing something good for yourself. If your family has been trying to convince you to get help, you probably need help. An addict is often the last to know he has a problem. Ask yourself whether drugs or alcohol have become a problem. Could you really quit if you wanted to? Have you tried? Why not?

Asking these questions and answering honestly is the least you can do for family and yourself. If you think there might be a problem, it won’t hurt anything if you try to quit. If you can’t quit, you can get help. Gardens Wellness Center offers medically assisted detox to make withdrawal as painless as possible. After that, we help you explore treatment options to help you decide what approach is best for you. Your family wants you back and this is how you start. Call us today at 844-828-1050 or email us at