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Drug Use And HIV/AIDS

In 1980, the AIDS epidemic was publicized by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), noting that it was becoming a national crisis.  AIDS is still a global issue, with nearly 37 million infected people living throughout the world in 2016.  There have been many attempts to halt the spread of HIV over the years, yet it still appears to be out of control.  There are a few ways in which HIV infection can spread, and that is through infected blood, vaginal fluid, or semen.  What was once said to be a disease among monkeys, somehow was passed onto humans, and since claiming millions of lives.

HIV is a viral infection, which affects the body’s ability to fight off infection.  When a person is initially infected, they may experience flu-like symptoms such as sore throat, fatigue, and fever.  After the symptoms subside, the disease progresses to AIDS.  Once a person has AIDS, their quality of life can be affected dramatically.  AIDS is an autoimmune disorder, therefore their body is often unable to successfully fight off infections.  While there is medication you can take to ease the symptoms of fatigue, night sweats, and weight loss, there is no cure.  Antiretroviral regimens do exist to slow the progression of the disease, but AIDS does prove to be fatal for many people.  

People may wonder why HIV infection continues to spread, and that is because it was joined by the drug epidemic.  Many addicts contract HIV because their addiction caused them to be careless about generic safety measures.  With heroin use at an all time high, HIV is spreading more quickly than it ever has previously.  A person addicted to heroin wants and needs to get high to make their painful withdrawals subside, and they will usually do this at any cost.  People deep in their addiction typically don’t worry about finding a clean needle to inject their drugs.  Several people often use from the same needles, resulting in the spread of infection.  

Other drugs can contribute to the spread of HIV, as well.  Any mind altering substance can essentially be a contributor because they cause the user to have decreased inhibitions, which can result in poor choices.  The cognizance of safe sex is not typically of importance for people who are under the influence, and they may make decisions to partake in certain acts they normally wouldn’t under sober circumstances.  HIV is a problem worldwide, and drugs are a large contributory factor.  If you think you may have HIV or AIDS, you should seek medical attention immediately.  HIV is a problem worldwide, and drugs are a large contributory factor.  If you think you may have HIV or AIDS, you should seek medical attention immediately.

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