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Do I Need To Provide Meals During Residential Treatment?

One of the most often overlooked issues with addiction is a poor diet.  Even those without addiction pay their diet little to no attention unless they are told by a doctor that they are at risk for diabetes, heart disease, or other ailments.  Many people with substance abuse issues will find themselves relying on their drug of choice to relieve any physical or emotional discomfort they may experience from a poor diet.  Your recovery will require will require lifestyle changes to be made that go beyond just stopping the use of drugs and alcohol.  During your recovery, you may start to experience some of the poor diet symptoms that you were able to temporarily relieve with your drug of choice.  Having your meals prepared by a professional while you are in treatment can help in many ways:

Help ease withdrawal symptoms

Malnutrition and withdrawals can have many of the same symptoms: headaches, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and fatigue.  These shared symptoms make it difficult to distinguish between withdrawal and hunger, intensifying the perceived intensity of withdrawals.  Proper nutrition can help to not only ease the signs of malnourishment but also provide vitamins and minerals that can help ease your symptoms.

Allows you to focus on recovery

Recovering from your addiction will require complete focus and demands all of your energy.  By having each of your meals prepared by a gourmet chef, you are able to focus completely on getting better.  Part of your recovery is learning to better manage your stress and emotions.  Eliminating the need to worry about eating right, at the right times, can help ease some of that stress while you are learning your new coping skills.

You will get the nutrition your body needs

Depending on your addiction, your body may require different nutritional plans.  As a recovering alcoholic, your body may require a diet high in thiamine to make up for the vitamin’s deprivation caused by chronic alcohol consumption.  Having your meals prepared for you ensures that you will receive the nourishment needed to repair some of the physical damage caused by drug and alcohol abuse.

You will learn what a healthy diet looks like

By having your meals professionally prepared for you, you are being taught at what makes up a healthy meal.  You will get to experience food pairings you may not have tried before and you will train your body to want healthy foods with every meal.  These eating habits can carry on outside of treatment and help you to maintain a healthy diet long after you leave.


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