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Detox Will Help You Stay Sober

Detox will help you get sober, which is the first step in staying sober. Withdrawal symptoms can be painful or even dangerous and they often drive people to relapse even before recovery has really started. Detox will get you through the difficult initial stage in which your body is getting rid of the drug. This treatment can include medications to make symptoms less severe and counselling to help you better understand your addiction.

The goal of detox is really only to address the physical aspect of addiction. When you have been using for a long time, your body has adjusted to accommodate the drug. That is, you physically need the drug to function normally and when you don’t get it, the result is withdrawal. That can include anxiety, nausea, confusion, elevated heart rate, fever, headaches, and more, depending on the drug. These are all things that happen to your body when your chemistry is out of balance. Detox is designed to get your through this part as safely and as comfortably as possible.

Detox is meant to address the physical part of addiction, not all the other parts. During detox, you may begin to address the other factors causing your addiction, such as trauma, habits, and relationships, but detox is relatively short–a week, more or less. You may be able to meet with a counsellor a few times or go to a few meetings, which are a great start. You may get a bit of exercise or try painting. Make full use of the options available to you during detox but keep in mind that just as you can’t get in shape in a week or become a great artist in a week, you can’t master addiction in a week. It’s just the start of a process that will take time and practice.

Detox is necessary to get sober but probably not sufficient to stay sober. Everyone is different, of course. If you have been using a very short time, you may be able to go to detox to get you through the rough part and then stay in recovery through some minor life changes and maybe some therapy. In that case, detox will have been a big factor in staying sober. For most addicts, this would not be enough. Even with months of therapy, a long recovery isn’t certain. Expecting detox to keep you sober is asking for trouble. Detox is for getting the drugs out of your system; it’s not a cure for addiction. Addiction has to be fought every day and on many fronts.

START your recovery at the Gardens Wellness Center in North Miami. Our comfortable environment offers the highest luxuries in detox, making sure you are safe and encouraged to make it through withdrawals. Changing the way we approach detox, our program is focused on holistic care in order to create a foundation of recovery. For information, call:  (844) 325-9168