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Courage Gives You Confidence

Getting clean can be a scary time. First, you have to admit you have a problem. Then you have to go through detox, which might be awful. After that, the long road of recovery begins. You might have to spend some time in an unfamiliar place, with unfamiliar people, talking about uncomfortable subjects. When you get home, you may have to clean up a lot of messes you made during your addiction. Through it all, you will be afraid you might relapse. It’s a lot to handle, but if you want to stay in recovery, you have to deal with each challenge as it comes. Sometimes you will have to do things before you are sure you are ready. It’s those moments you should remember that courage gives you confidence.

If you rely on courage, the confidence will follow. The reason for this is simple: you feel afraid because you are facing a new challenge. When you engage with that challenge, you will see that even if it didn’t go extremely well, neither was it a total disaster. You see you are a little closer to your goal and you know the next time will be better. For example, if you are making amends as part of the 12 Steps, the first time is likely to be awkward and uncomfortable. The second time is also likely to be awkward and uncomfortable but at least you will have a better idea of what to expect. It will take slightly less courage because you will have a little more confidence.

The question of confidence is likely irrelevant anyway. If you are an addict, you have probably done things you are not proud of. You may be used to people you love being disappointed in you. In these circumstances, you are probably not overflowing with self-confidence. It’s not something you can rely on. You need a different approach.

It’s better to accept that you don’t have confidence and instead rely on courage. If you are trying something new, especially something that could affect the course of your life, it’s perfectly reasonable to be afraid, and it would actually be strange if you weren’t. If you want to get better, you have to accept that fear and move forward. You have to have courage.

If you don’t quite feel like you can muster the courage, here are some things to keep in mind. First, you aren’t blazing a new trail here. You aren’t looking for a water route to India. Fear is meant to keep us safe and the safest thing you can possibly do is enter treatment and do the steps to recovery. You are entering a time-tested program of treatment, aided by professionals with years of experience. Millions of people have successfully fought addiction. It’s new to you but others have gone before.

Second, you aren’t alone. If you don’t already have people who care about you and support you, you will find some in treatment. Rely on your family and your fellow recovering addicts when you feel your courage is inadequate.

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