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Common Arguments Against Detox and Treatment

The prospect of going to detox and treatment might be scary. You have to go stay in some unfamiliar place for some undetermined length of time. You might feel terrible going through withdrawal, but you can’t know ahead of time how bad it might get or how long it might last. It’s the start of a major life change, which is scary in itself. Facing these unknowns, it’s normal to look for excuses not to go to detox. The following are some reasons you might give for not going.

I’m not an addict. You don’t want to go to detox if you don’t believe you’re an addict. The addict is usually the last person to realize she has a problem, so if you think you might be an addict, you probably are. You might at least consider the possibility, and if you still aren’t sure, try quitting and see what happens. If you can’t, then start looking for a detox center.

Now is a bad time. It’s always a bad time. Tomorrow will be a worse time. There will always be some reason to put it off, but it will never be a better time than now.

I can’t afford it. It’s true that detox and treatment can be expensive, but that doesn’t mean you can’t afford it. Insurance often pays for detox and treatment and you only pay the copay. If you don’t have insurance or your insurance won’t cover the treatment you want, the center may have payment options–either financial assistance or installment plans–that will allow you to get treatment. Medicaid and Medicare might help, as well as other state programs. Contact the center you are interested in even if you aren’t sure you can afford it. They have people who specialize in finding ways to make treatment affordable.

No, really, I don’t have time. Even the week or so it takes to detox can seem too long for people with a lot of commitments. It means missing work and family responsibilities. You may feel like it’s just not possible to take the time off, but consider the alternative. If your addiction continues, it will affect your work and possibly get you fired. It will alienate your family. Under the Family Medical Leave Act, your employer must give you time off to seek treatment for addiction. Your employer and family know that your recovery is worth whatever inconvenience your absence causes.

I can do it myself. Maybe you can, but it’s going to be rough. Imagine having the flu for a week and knowing you can make it stop if you use again, just this one time. It’s very difficult not to relapse when detoxing alone. It’s also more painful than it needs to be. A detox center can give you medications to make withdrawal symptoms less severe. They can help you sleep better, get healthy, and start recovery sooner.

You might be thinking that you’ve detoxed on your own before. If so, you know how difficult it was. If you do it again, it will probably feel worse than you remember. Also, something must have gone wrong if you are detoxing again. Relapse can be a normal part of recovery, but you might have more success next time if you try something different.

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