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Choosing the Best Treatment Option After Detox

At many treatment facilities, detox is built into the program. You spend a week, give or take, detoxing, and when you’re ready you move right into treatment. If you are detoxing at a separate facility, you have to decide what kind of treatment is best for you once you leave.

The biggest distinction is between inpatient and outpatient treatment. Inpatient treatment is when you actually live in the facility full time, usually 30 to 90 days. This has several advantages. The first is that it’s a stable environment with, ideally, no chance of relapse. The early days are when cravings are strongest and it’s helpful to have as little temptation as possible.

Inpatient treatment also has the advantage of 24 medical and psychiatric care. By the time you enter treatment you should already be through the medically dangerous part of recovery, but if your drug use was heavy enough, you may be at continued risk of complications and it’s reassuring to know you can get help quickly.

Finally, inpatient treatment insulates you from the stressors of everyday life. A big part of rehab is learning to deal productively with stress. This entails learning good habits and unlearning bad ones. The process is more difficult when you have to continually deal with new problems. Inpatient care can be an opportunity to learn new strategies and cement a healthy routine that includes exercise and adequate rest. It doesn’t hurt that facilities often include therapeutic massage and other amenities to help you relax.

Although there are many advantages to inpatient treatment, it may not suit your circumstances. Inpatient treatment requires you to take a vacation from your life for one to three months and not everyone can do that. In that case, you may prefer outpatient treatment.

In outpatient treatment, you live at home and you may go to the treatment center several times a week for therapy and group sessions. It’s not quite as intensive as inpatient therapy, but it does have some advantages.

The first advantage is the cost. You don’t have to pay for the room and board to live at the facility full time. And if you are able to work, you will have money you wouldn’t have been able to make as an inpatient. If you are a student, you can keep up with classes.

Outpatient treatment also allows you to have more support from friends and family, while in inpatient treatment, contact with outsiders is limited. If your family is sober and supportive, this can be a big help. If they are neither sober nor supportive, living at home will increase your risk of relapse.

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