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Can You Buy Drugs Online?

Since the introduction of the internet, law enforcement agents have struggled to stay on top of varying online trends.  The craze when the internet first came out was chat rooms.  Many people were blown away they could anonymously talk to others while sitting in the comfort of their own home.  As the internet started to evolve, offenders found ways of committing crime online, but later learned their virtual activity could be tracked.  Since then, there has been a complete underground world invented for people to participate in illegal activity without getting caught.

While everyone knows a black market exists for people to purchase various illicit items off the street, some may not be aware that a complete digital market also subsists.  The world of DarkNet is as it sounds, a dark place where scandalous and illegal activity happen invariably.  A person can purchase or sell drugs, firearms, pornography, and children, all without being detected by law enforcement.  The disgusting reality is that the DarkNet perpetuates some of America’s biggest problems, and the people responsible are virtually untouchable.

First off, the only thing a person interested in ordering drugs online needs to do is download a browser called Tor, which makes it impossible for your activity to be traced.  Through this browser, there are several websites you can access by searching for your particular substance of choice.  Believe it or not, there are competitors in this digital black market with many vendors to decide upon.  Ross William Ulbricht previously ran the largest company until his arrest in 2013.  

The DarkNet uses cryptocurrency for all transactions, so there is money trace.  Bitcoin is the most common use of currency in the digital black market.  You can convert your USD into Bitcoins, and it is all done anonymously.  Many people also make the decision to filter their coins through a tumbler, which essentially means you exchange your coins with others to make them further untraceable.  A package, a variable amount of time later, will then be delivered to your doorstep.  

Addicts might opt for the DarkNet because they think it’s a safe way of buying drugs without dealing with any shady drug dealers.  Yet, the individuals who participate in the digital black market are some of the most menacing and smart people you will come across, and they have your address.  The way technology has advanced over the years has perpetuated addiction tremendously.  There’s no such thing as buying drugs safely.  Drugs are not safe.  If you are attempting to enter the shady underground world of drug trafficking, you are likely an addict and should seriously consider seeking professional help.

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