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Addiction Treatment for Couples

In couples, if one person has addiction problems, it’s common for the other person to have addiction problems as well. This is especially true for women–that is, a woman struggling with addiction is more likely than a man to have a partner who is also struggling with addiction. This can be a problem for someone who wants to get sober. It essentially means she has three choices: try to stay sober with a partner in active addiction, end the relationship, or convince her partner to get treatment too.

There’s no right answer answer here, but trying to get sober with a partner in active addiction makes recovery much harder. It means being constantly exposed to temptation and possibly pressured by your partner to relapse. Some people feel defensive, as if their partner’s decision to get sober implies a criticism of anyone who doesn’t want to get sober. This can be a difficult situation to manage, and in fact you are much more likely to relapse when you have a partner in active addiction.

If you both decide to get sober, there is a much better chance you will succeed. Some treatment centers have programs for couples, but most couples will just enter treatment at the same time, possibly at the same facility. It’s unlikely that the treatment for each will be identical, as everyone has different timelines for detox and different issues to work out in therapy. You may not even have the same drug of choice, or one partner may have multiple addictions, which can change the course of treatment even more.

One thing you will certainly want to do in treatment, is engage in some kind of couples therapy. Codependency is common in couples with addictions, and dealing with that will help your chances of recovery, whether or not you ultimately decide to stay together. Addictions are also commonly part of a cycle of poor communication and conflict. Understanding each other better will reduce the amount of stress in the relationship, not only aiding recovery, but making you happier too. Even if only one partner is an addict, couples therapy is a good idea.

One advantage of couples getting treatment at the same time is that they can help each other in recovery. Partners often know each other better than they know themselves. If both are committed to recovery, they can support each other help each other watch out for triggers. It can be like a minigroup in your own home.

The danger, of course, is that one partner will relapse, making it much harder for the other to stay sober. This is why single addicts in recovery are advised not to date other other addicts in recovery. If you are already in a committed relationship, though, you might prefer to take the risk of staying with someone who might relapse.

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