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If Addiction Were Fun, We Wouldn’t Stop

Drugs are fun, but addiction is not. When you start needing drugs to feel normal, it stops being fun. You are no longer in control, the drug is. You start fearing withdrawal. You feel lousy when you aren’t using. What started as fun is now a burden.

Even worse is what addiction does to your life. Your priorities become deranged. Whereas your family or your work used to be the most important things, now getting your fix is. Your behavior becomes rigid because you are afraid of missing your next dose. You take foolish risks to get drugs. You lose control of your behavior. Your work suffers. Your family suffers. You may end up in jail. You blame everyone else for your problems.

Eventually, if you are lucky, you decide to quit or your family convinces you to quit. This is usually long after drugs have stopped being fun. When it’s obvious to you that there is a problem, the problem has been growing for a long time. The good news is that there is finally strong evidence that you need to quit. It can help motivate you to stay in recovery. Even if you can’t quite form an image of a brighter future, you at least know you can’t keep going the way you are. At a certain point, you have had enough and you are ready to accept help.

This is an excellent place to be. The misery of addiction is fresh in your mind. You and your family are hopeful about recovery. You have a long way to go, but things can only get better.

After some initial success, you face a new challenge. The misery of addiction is no longer as fresh and you might forget how bad it was. Or you might start to feel confident in your recovery and feel like you can take some risks, like hanging out with certain people or having a beer with lunch. Maybe you have forgotten the worst parts of addiction. It’s like considering getting back together with an ex. There were very good reasons you broke up. Maybe you remember the good and not the bad or maybe the pain of the bad is no longer real to you. But it will be soon enough.

Always remember that if addiction was fun, or not that bad, you would never have gotten treatment to begin with. It might be a good idea write down a few of your worst moments and look at them from time to time, whenever you start to think it wasn’t that bad. Go to meetings and listen to addicts just starting in recovery. Share your experiences and remember what they felt like.

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