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8 Safety Concerns of Detoxing at Home Alone

If you’re ready to get clean, the first step is to detox. The best and safest way to detox is at a clinic, under professional care. If for some reason that option isn’t available to you and you want to detox at home alone, here are some safety concerns to plan for.

You might relapse. This is perhaps the biggest concern. Withdrawal can be rough and you will probably be tempted to use again just to make the symptoms stop. You will not have access to the medications clinics can administer to mitigate the symptoms.

DTs are dangerous. Withdrawal symptoms are not only uncomfortable. They can be dangerous. Severe alcohol withdrawal, DTs, can cause seizures that are fatal in three to five percent of cases. Symptoms can escalate quickly and the worse symptoms may not appear for two or three days. If you suddenly find yourself confused or shaking uncontrollably, call 911 or get someone to take you to the emergency room.

You may hurt yourself. When you’re detoxing, you won’t be at your best. You may be shaking. You may be disoriented. You could easily hurt yourself or fall down the stairs. You should at least have someone who can check on you regularly.

You may be dehydrated or malnourished. If you have been neglecting your health for a while you may have become dehydrated or malnourished without really noticing. If these are bad enough they may cause secondary problems. At a clinic these would be addressed right away but if you detox at home you might not even be aware of the problem and it might persist after detox.

You may not get the dose right. If you are addicted to opioids, a taper is a common detox method. This has obvious hazards if you try it at home. Not only are you trying to figure out dosages at a time when you might not be thinking clearly, but you have to rely on your own willpower not to start using again.

You might not be able to care for yourself. You probably won’t have any idea going in how bad your withdrawal symptoms will be. They might be relatively mild or you might find yourself shaking in bed, unable to do much of anything. You still need food and water. In the worst case scenario, you might become severely confused and not be able to call for help, or realized you need it.

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