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7 Ways to Have Sober Fun this Summer

When the weather gets hot, a cold beer might seem pretty tempting, especially if you like grilling out or going to the beach. If you’re in recovery, it’s a good idea to find some ways to keep busy that won’t tempt you to drink. Here are a few suggestions for having fun in the hot weather.

Water sports. This is what everyone looks forward to in the summer. You can swim, sky, surf, SCUBA dive, snorkel, fish, sail, or do whatever you like. If you go to the beach, be careful. There’s a lot of alcohol at the beach and you don’t even have to bring your own to be tempted. The more you stay active, the easier it will be to stay sober. Higher skilled activities are both more fun and you perform better when you don’t drink.

Hiking. Hiking is a great way to get some exercise and keep yourself out of trouble. If you hike in a shady forest or somewhere near water, it won’t be so hot, and if you hike with a few friends, it’s a great way to bond with minimal distractions.

Gardening. If you want something to do around the house, try doing some gardening. If you’ve never done it before, search online for some things to plant in the summer and how to care for them. Not only can you get a bit of exercise, sun, and fresh air, but there are compounds in the soil that improve your mood. Also, you can grow healthy things to eat, which is a bonus.

Baseball games. Like the beach, baseball games carry some risk of temptation. However, it’s relatively easy to substitute a soda for a beer. You can still have your hot dog and peanuts, which any fan will agree are far more essential to the ballpark experience. You might want to plan ahead and make sure you can leave or call someone if you have to. This is mainly an issue if you go with friends who are likely to drink. Even better than watching is playing. You can either play with friends or join a league.

Movies. When it gets really hot, you may prefer just to sit in the freezing cold and watch a movie. Movie theaters were among the first public buildings to use air conditioning, so going to a movie just to cool off is an old tradition.

Picnics. Round up the family and pick a spot. Picnics are great because you can decide exactly what to bring with you. You can leave the devices at home and head to the park for games and sandwiches.

Travel. Summer is when the kids are out of school and families go on trips. Plan a trip where you can stay active and avoid alcohol. You might want to head to a national park, or some place cooler. The northern coasts are very pleasant during the summer. New England has plenty of historical attractions, nice weather, and beautiful scenery.

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