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5 Ways Massage Therapy Supports Detox

The meat and potatoes of detox includes medication, counselling, rest, and patience. Your body has to make big adjustments in a short time. Massage therapy is a complementary therapy that may help make detox more comfortable and speed your recovery.

Massage therapy is often lumped with alternative therapies whose benefits are hard to prove, but for someone in detox, massage therapy is excellent complement to regular treatment. According to the Mayo Clinic, massage therapy can help with many conditions including headaches, insomnia, anxiety, pain, and injuries. It can also produce “feelings of caring, comfort, and connection.” All of these factors can be important during detox.

Detox is, above all, stressful. Your body is stressed by withdrawal symptoms and your mind is stressed by discomfort, insomnia, and facing an uncertain future. Massage therapy is perfect for stress relief. It loosens your muscles and helps you relax. If you are detoxing from stimulants you may have gotten used to holding an incredible amount of tension in your muscles without even noticing. Therapeutic massage can relax those muscles and remind you what normal feels like.

Relaxation is especially important because anxiety is a common withdrawal symptom of any drug. In detox, anxiety is usually treated with medication. Massage therapy is a good complement to anti-anxiety medication because people respond differently to medication and even people who don’t get as much relief from medication might still benefit from a different modality.

Therapeutic massage also helps relieve pain. This is especially important if you are detoxing from heroin or prescription painkillers because muscle and bone pain are common withdrawal symptoms. If you are detoxing from these drugs, massage may be a good way to reduce the pain of withdrawal.

If you are detoxing from opioids, or even alcohol, you may have injuries that you haven’t even noticed. You should definitely tell your massage therapist about any injuries you know about. Massage may help ease the pain of the injury and help it heal more quickly.

Finally, a good massage can improve your sense of wellbeing. Problems seem more manageable when you’re relaxed. Massage also creates a feeling of social connection. People need physical contact to be emotionally healthy. Not only does getting a massage show you want to take care of yourself, but it shows someone else wants to take care of you too. Even the best medical care can feel a bit perfunctory, especially when the staff is busy. Someone spending 10 or 15 working out a knot in your back can really boost your feelings of gratitude.

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